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The first round of the Champions League saw Chelsea and Manchester United fight out the first of the two trophies of the season. The teams met in the first round, and the game was quite interesting.
The Blues won with a score of 2:1, but the game ended with a 2:2 score. The match was quite tense, with the score being 2:0 for the Red Devils.
Chelsea was the stronger team in the second half, but Manchester United was able to get a little bit closer to the Blues. The team managed to get the ball into the penalty area, and then made a few passes to the defense.
However, the Red devils managed to make a few more passes to get into the Chelsea penalty area. This allowed the Blues to score the first goal of the game.
Jose Mourinho’s team was able not to make many mistakes in the game, and managed to score a goal in each half. The first goal was scored by Eden Hazard, who was assisted by Willian.
United managed to keep the score at 2:3, but Chelsea managed to win the game with a goal.

The second goal was also scored by Hazard, and it was assisted again by Willians. The Chelsea player who scored the goal was Eden Hazard. The other player who assisted the goal, Willian, also scored a goal for the Blues, as well as the second one.
This match was a classic Mourinho-Antonio Conte confrontation. The Portuguese coach was able for Chelsea to score two goals, and he did it in a row. Conte was also able to score one of the goals, but it was not as spectacular as Mourinho”s.
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Live scores of the first rounds of the Europa League
The Europa League is one of Europe’slanguages that is very popular among fans. This tournament is held every year, and this year the Europa league is held in the summer.
In the first season of the tournament, the format was quite simple: the teams played against each other in a round-robin tournament. The winner of the group stage is the champion, and they will play against the team from the opposite half of the standings.
For the first time in the history of the competition, the group winners will be able to play against each of the teams from the lower half of their standings. The winners of the playoffs will be the team that finished in the top-4 of the previous season.
At the start of the new season, the Europa tournament was held in a group stage, and there were no real surprises. The top-3 teams were:
1. ​​Ajax. The Dutch team won the group, and played against the teams in the lower part of the table. The Ajax players managed to do their best, and won the match with a draw.
2. ​ ​​PSV. The Eredivisie team of the Royal club won the first match against the lower teams.
3. ​​​ ​ ​ ​ Liverpool. The Merseysiders won the second match against Ajax, and also won the game against the PSV.
Now, the tournament is being held in an even more interesting format. The group winners are playing against the group runners-up, and so on. The Champions League is also being held, and now the teams play against one another in the group stages.
It is quite possible that the Europa Cup will be held in this format, too. The tournament is very interesting, and a lot of interesting matches are held.
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Current Champions League table
The Champions League has become one of most popular tournaments in the world. The competition is held once every year. The main event of the championship is the Champions Cup, which is held between the winners of groups.
Of course, the main favorites of the current tournament are the current Champions League winners. They are:
* ​​Barcelona. The Catalans are the main team of Spain, and have won the tournament 5 times.
* Real Madrid. The Royal club has won the Champions trophy 5 times, and is the current champion.
These teams have been able to win this tournament for a long time, and are the best teams of the world for a very long time.
Latest results of the English Premier League
In England, the Premier League is the most popular football championship. This year, the teams of Manchester City and Chelsea are the favorites of this season. However, the fight for the title is very intense, and every match is very important.
Every match of the Premier league is very exciting, and many matches are played in the last minutes. The last rounds of matches have already ended, and you can see the results of these matches on the football website. The latest results of matches are available here, and here you can find the schedule of the upcoming matches.
Manchester City and Manchester united are the leaders of the league, and their rivals are: ​​Liverpool, Arsenal, and Tottenham. The Premier league table is very unstable, and sometimes the teams fight for a place in the elite.

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