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The English Premier League is one of the most intriguing championships in the world. The competition is intense and the stakes are high. The main goal for every team is to win the title. The season has already ended, but the contenders for the title are still at the top of the standings.

The Premier League has a very rich history. The clubs have won the title for a long time, but they have not been able to win it for a very long time. The last time the championship was won by Manchester City. The previous champion was Liverpool.
The main contenders for winning the title this season are:
* Manchester United;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;
* Tottenham Hotspur.
All the teams are quite strong and can be considered as a real contender for the champion title. However, the main goal of the clubs is to finish in the top four.
It is easy to follow the results of the Premier league. The website of sports statistics provides a wide range of information. It is easy and convenient to use.
Manchester United
The Red Devils are one of those teams that can be called the main contenders to win a lot of trophies. The team has a long history in the championship. It has won the championโ€™s title for the first time in 1993. The club has been in the elite of English football for several years now.
However, the last time Manchester United won the championship trophy was in the season of 2004/2005. The Red Devils were in the middle of the championship and managed to finish only in the fourth position.
This season, the team has some bright moments. The most spectacular of them is the victory in the Champions League. The Champions League is a tournament that the team is always considered a contender for.
In the last season, United managed to win all the matches in the group stage. The players were able to demonstrate their best game and get into the playoffs. This is another evidence that the club has a bright future.
Another bright moment of the team this season is the fact that it managed to qualify for the Champions league for the second time in a row. The first time the team was able to get into this tournament was in 1996.
Despite the fact, that the Red Devils have a long way to go, they are still able to compete with the main favorites of the tournament.
The Blues are one the main clubs in the English Premier league that are able to fight for the gold medals. The Chelsea team has been able for a number of years to win gold medals at the end of the season.
Of course, the current season is a bit different. The Blues have a good chance of winning the championship, but not for long. The current season has become quite difficult for the team.
First of all, the club is not in the best shape. The situation is quite similar to the season 2013/2014. The results of Chelsea are not very good, too. The squad of the Blues is not able to show its best game.
One of the main reasons of the failure of the club this season can be the injury of Diego Costa. The Costa injury is one more evidence that Chelsea is not the strongest team in the league.
At the same time, the Blues have good players in their lineup. The roster of the Chelsea is quite balanced. The lineup of the Red devils is quite good, but it is not enough to win every match.
Thus, the results are not so good for the club. The fans of English Premier division are quite upset by the results.
The Gunners are another team that is able to challenge the main rivals for the championship title. This season, Arsenal has a good opportunity to win. The Gunners have a lot to show and are not afraid to show their best.
There is a good lineup for the Arsenal. The Arsenal lineup is quite strong. The problem for the Gunners is the lack of motivation. The lack of this motivation is one reason for the failure in the current campaign.
As a result, the Gunner lineup is not very effective. The game of the Gunns is quite unpredictable. The teams are able not only to win, but also to lose.
Many fans are disappointed with the results, too, because the team did not manage to win any matches in a long tournament distance.
Tottenham Hotspur
Towards the end, the Tottenham Hotspurs were quite strong, but at the same the team lost its motivation. This was one of reasons that led to the failure.
Now, the Spurs are quite confident, but there is a lack of experience. The Spurs lineup is very good. The Tottenham lineup is a real mix of experience and youth.
Due to this, the lineup of Spurs is able not to be easily replaced by the rivals. The experience of the Spurs is also one of their strong points. The experienced players are able, together with the young players, to make the team more effective.
Fans of the Tottenham team are quite satisfied with the current results of their team. The leaders of the squad are quite able to make a real fight for gold medals this season. The performance of the leaders is quite stable.
They are able and motivated to win matches. The matches of Tottenham are quite unpredictable, too; it is quite easy to lose points.

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