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The first match of the new season of the French championship is set to take place on the 21st of September. The team of Thomas Tuchel will be joined by the players of the previous coach, Julen Lopetegui, who will take charge of the team.
The French team has been in the championship for several seasons now, and this is the first time that it will play against the team of the Argentinean champion. The match will be held at the Stade de France. The teams will be playing against each other in the Champions League zone, so the fans will be able to see the best football of the Old World.

The team of Tuchel has been performing well in the international arena, too. The club won the gold medals in the national championship for the first and only time in the last decade. The fans can watch the game of the club on the website of sports statistics.
In the new campaign, the team will have a lot of chances to get into the Champions league zone. The main goal of the players is to be in the top-4. The last time the team was in the zone was in 2014, when it was in 5th place.
Where to find the live score of the game?
If you want to watch the live scores of the match between France and Argentina, you can do it on the sports statistics website. The site provides all the information about the game, as well as the schedule of the upcoming matches.
This season, the French team will play in the group stage of the tournament. The first matches of the group will be played on the 18th of August and 19th of September, respectively. The French team is a favorite of the Champions tournament, so it will be a tough fight for the gold medal.
Tuchel’s team has a good chance to win the tournament, because the team has the following advantages:
1. Good players. The players of Thomas are well-known for their football skills.
2. Experience of the coach. Tuchel managed to get the team into the top 4 of the national championships for several years in a row.
3. Good teamwork. The previous coach of the Frenchman, Lopézegui was in charge of it for several consecutive seasons.
4. Individual skills of the leaders.
You can always find the information on the live results of the matches on the site of sports analytics. The data on the game is updated in real time, which makes it easy to follow the results of events.
How to watch live score?
You just need to go to the website and find the match you want. It is easy to do it, too, because there is a special section for the Champions club tournament. Here, you will find the schedule, the results, as much as possible.
At the moment, the match of France vs Argentinean will be broadcasted live on the Internet. The information about it is available on the platform of sports analysts. The game will be shown on the main screen of the website.
If the team is in the lead, then it is quite possible that the game will end with a victory. The following teams are in the fight for gold medals:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Bayern Munich.
It is also worth mentioning the team from Lyon, which has already been in top-3 of the standings for several times in a long time.
What to expect from the game on the field?
This summer, the club of Thomas has a lot to show. The new coach has been working for several months, and the team needs to show results.
Among the goals of the newcomers are:
• Improvement of the results;
• create a positive atmosphere in the team;
• get into top-5 of the league.
All these goals will be achieved, if the team can play in a Champions League. The current Champions league table is quite complicated, and there are a lot more teams in the tournament zone.
There is a good opportunity to get a ticket to the Champions’ league finals, too; the draw for the draw will be made on the 19th, and it will take place in Kiev. The draw will take into account the results in the previous season, as the participants of the competition will be decided.
Fans can follow the draw on the reliable website of football statistics. Here you will be presented with the latest information, as it is updated regularly.
Current Champions League table
The current Champions League draw is quite interesting, because it will include the results from the previous year. The competition for places in the next season of this tournament will be intense, and many teams will have to play in this tournament.
However, the current Champions” league table looks quite simple. The most interesting matches are in Group E, where the following teams will play:
· “Barcelona”;
· “Manchester City”.
Each of them has a chance to get to the playoffs. The Catalans have a good advantage over the Citizens, because they have the best players in the squad. The Citizens have only a few good players, too:
● Sergio Agüero;
● Sergio Ramos;
● Cesar Azpilicueta.

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